What makes our screen repair and window cleaning different?

About Us

Our Story

There comes a time in our lives when we have a desire for something bigger. We may not know what that is but the desire is real and it exists. The seed that is in us that gives life to the desire needs to be watered, when its watered then the desire grows stronger. When the desire blooms then we can fully see what it was to be.

Our desire was to establish a business that would serve the community, build lasting relationships, and fill our need to be of service and support to the community and forge a strong sense of support in our community. We are very passionate about buying local and supporting local businesses and hope that our business can be a branch on the vine of that mission. 

Our values

Attention To Detail

No grime goes uncleaned. Our experts consult a post cleaning checklist to ensure that our cleaning is as thorough as possible. 


We treat your home like our own. Our experts will be courteous, mindful and respectful at all times when they are one your property. 


We wont nickel and dime you for every thing that needs to be cleaned. You pay a flat rate, and we will cover anything that comes up. 

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