Screen Repair

Screens don’t last forever. The sun can cause lots of UV damage. Children can use a handy pair of scissors on them, pets can claw their way or run through them, hail can damage them, etc. We had one customer whose cat loved to sit on her cat tree and diligently pawed at their sunroom screen eventually creating a hole big enough for her to stick her head through. Needless to say those customers weren’t too happy when that was discovered. Remember, even little tears and holes can be an entrance point for various insects including our perennial favorite, stink bugs. Screens can get so dirty that trying to clean them is just too much of a hassle. And dirty screens can make your entire house look filthy and run-down.

Ripped window screen
window screen

Screen repair patches from local hardware stores are fine for a quick fix but they look horrible. Like everything else in life, patches have a time and place but these are not a long-term fix. Like a band-aid they stop the small cuts but eventually will need a permanent replacement.

When it comes to screens there are many options available to choose from. Starting with the standard fiberglass mesh, pet mesh, pool and patio mesh and Super Screen. Many options for your budget.

Getting your screens professionally replaced is the best long-term solution. Using the highest quality materials and installed by experts with years of experience your new screens will last. All our replacements are done on site. No Muss, no fuss.
From window screens to porch screen replacements, with Quinn’s Screen Mending Service we’ve got you covered!