Blinds &
Ceiling Fan Cleaning

Dust everywhere! Ceiling fans are natural dust collectors, we forget about them constantly and when we do remember to clean them, who wants to get on a step ladder to get up there to do so. And since we clean them so infrequently, all it takes is one swipe with a cloth and now we are dusting the rest of the room. Ceiling fans are great when clean, but when dirty we’re almost afraid to turn them on knowing we’re throwing dust all over the house. Leave cleaning the ceiling fans to someone who actually wants to clean them. If that happens to be you, give us a call, we have some job openings!

Blind cleaning is a specialty of ours. Let’s admit it, dirty blinds are an absolute nightmare to clean. Most people think it is easier to replace dirty blinds than it is to clean them and in some cases they are right. But what about those custom blinds you paid an arm and a leg for? You aren’t pulling those down to wash in the tub or take them outside to spray down with a garden hose. Cleaning blinds improperly can damage or even ruin them entirely, not to mention the time consumed to clean them properly. At Quinn’s we take special care to properly clean your blinds and give you peace of mind on your investment in the aesthetics of custom blinds.

We are never going to tell someone they can’t do something themselves, but like changing the oil in your car, do you have the time and the expertise to do it? Or is it easier to have a professional take the time, effort and care to do it right?

Cleaning ceiling fans and blinds does take some skill, the right tools and the proper equipment. Let us take the headache of worrying about this from you and get the job done right.

Disclaimer: We do not clean fabric blinds.